Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I'm really hesitant to make the move to TUMBLR, but for now that's where you'll find me.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Young Folks" - Peter Bjorn & John

Despite the constant rain & the 40mph winds which made me walk in a not straight line across the top of warren hall, & my feet, socks, shoes being soaked all day, & my jeans being so wet, they looked black, & my crotch being wet, & the wind blowing my weak umbrella everywhere & having to walk all over campus... I had a really good day. I love my boyfriend:] <3


Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Papers" - Usher

"I feel so let down by you.. this whole weekend actually..
I tried. Honestly, to me, you've changed."


Thursday, October 8, 2009

"I try" - Jacka

I reallly like those!! They're so cute! I'm going shopping tomorrow for sure. I wanna treat myself!!

So here is my birthday shoutout to one of my besssts Geleneee! I loveee you babygirl & this is the 2nd birthday that I'm celebrating w/ you. haha don't i always make it special?!? You're really one of my bestfriends & i can always count on you & talk to you & tell you anything. I loveee you so much & i better come eat with you tomorrow:] hehe. & ill see you saturday for sure w/ your present, ya spoiled brat! I got ya back for a lifetime. Happpy 17th birthday my BABYDOLL:]


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Rich Off Cocaine" - Rick Ross

Happpy birthday to my one & only bestfriend ever:] I love you Amanda Marie Aguilar. You been my bessst from the very start of high school & nothing has ever phased us. We dont go through bullshit phases cus we don't let nothing & no one get between us. I always got your back & I know that you always have mine. You been there for me from the start, regardless us going to the same school or not. You are a true ass friend. I love you & appreciate you. You're finally 18 & I know fa sho that you gon live it up! Have a good birthday dinner & I'll see you on friday cus we gonna party it up. I loveee you number one, support system, babiiie & bestfriend:]


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Do Over" - Ghostface Killahhh

College homework is taking over & I haven't even had time to blog. blahhhhh.

-I feel very accomplished for finishing my advertisement essay on cigars
-I'm really proud of Gelene for playing in her first game today:]
-Tomorrow is "Al Fresco" @school & my assignment is to go & i have to checck in with my teacher.. ehh..
- Last weekend was fun.
-What's good for this weekend? I wanna watch Paranormal Activity!!

BY THE WAY; MY BESTFRIEND IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD'S BIRTHDAY IS AT MIDNIGHT. i loveeeeeee you Amandaaa Marieee Aguilarrrrr! Now you's a big "adult".. haha but you still small. I love you so much & now you gonna go to clubs & shit wit ya bad self;] I miss you & I'm going to your birthday festivities.


Friday, October 2, 2009

"Cant Let You Go" - C Brown, Pleasure P & Bow Wow

Damn, i hella wanna put everything out here, but I aint a drama starting bitch. Just lettin you know, you fucked up. I dont gossip about yo shit to random ass people. I don't put the shit you do & the shit you go through out there. Damn.

This weekend is aboutta be crackin. All the homework I have is one section of math & write a rough draft for English. That's aboutta be hella easy though cus its just on an advertisement. I'm so glad that I'm doing good in college so far;] Haha. I'm glad that I'm working hard & not slacking off & going to an actual college & getting an education. Anywayssss, today I wanna go shopping. Then me, babe & the boys is aboutta head out to Fremont. I hope that's fun. Tomorrow is fam DAY. Aboutta head out to Santa Rosa & have dinner w/ my Pop's side. But, NIGHTTIME is dedicated to one of my babygirl's:] I'm excited to paaaarty w/ Icky & Bestfriend Amanda. Yeeee. She coming home from Dominican! hayyyyyyyyy. "guestlist only please" Sunday, I'm going to my Lola's house for her despidita to the Philippines. I'm gonna miss her so much!!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Slow dance" - Keri Hilson


-I'm hella craving boiling crab.
-i got bored in science, so i decided to leave. It had only been 3 minutes. HAHAHAHA.
-hello weekend!
-no english1001 all next weeek!!
-slaaapppin slowjams til my love comes home to me:]


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Once again,

-- "Why do you try & impress the world? You suck up to everyone & they mamas. You try & be on everyone's good side & be everyone's friends. It's so annoying how you pry yourself into other's lives. You dont even know them bro. Just stop. It's irritating & weird. People are getting weirded out... teacher's pet."

---"Why do you always lie & twist the truth. You are attracted to drama & like to see how much of a reaction you can get out of others. I think you lie to others, to try & fool your self. It aint gonna work, girl open your eyes."

College is cooo. i really like my schedule. College Math, College English, GS Activity, Library, & Envnt Science.
M: 2-3:50
T: 8-1:50
W: 2-3:50
Th: 8-11:50


Sunday, September 27, 2009


I really really really like college. My classses are coo & the campus is chill. Some bitches still needa grow up & realize this shit aint high school anymore. Other than that, college>high school.

Today; Babe & I went to study at Suju's. I hella like it there.. it's so chill! That's gonna become one of my regular spots now:] Haha, then i ate sushi w/ my mama, sissa & babe:] Mmmm. Tell me why we eat sushi once a week! Haha. I went shopping w/ mama & sissa & later posted it w/ baaabe. Now I'm home waiting for ALL NEW Desperate Housewives & k&k take miami!!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

see you latah summmah..

today was my last day of summer. spent my day w/ booyfriend. We helped phil fix his car, then kicked it for a while & swooped D1. I went home & my babygirl Icky came over:] We caught up & gossiped:] I laaaaahv her! I took her to Kaahbeyyo for a while & talked w/ Nick, Dylan & babe<3. She left, we got taco bell.. then dipped to sportscenter. Met up w/ Icky & Mariz! It was cutesy playing on the same team w/ Mariz. Hella like Freshman year again:] Babe made me leave early cus he was being a moody ass.. & now I'm home. First day of college tomorrow! I ain't even gonna lie, I'm nervous!! haha. Math1001 tomorrow; 2-3:50. I feel bad for people in remedial.. they have to pay for college & take a class that doesn't give credit.. Boo! Glad I did good on my placement tests:] I'm tired. Gooodnight.

TO YOU: I know what you said about me, what you THINK I like to do, what you called me & did I mention that I KNOW EVERYTHING.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fun & Games..

10 things you wish you could say to 10 different people right now.
1 - You're my bestfriend, boyfriend & everything. I'm in love w/ you & I appreciate you:] Yous a keeper. No matter what, I'm happy w/ you. I'd rather be around you than away. You're the only person who can cheer me up, & make me smile no matter what.
2 - I'll never forget what you did & how you put me into your business & your god damn drama. Keep my name out yo mouth & ignore the whole situation. Don't fuckin drag me in your bs. You're the only person whose to blame, don't put that on anyone else.
3 - Dontchu know you got a fat ass cameltoe girl?!? Look in a maaafkn mirrror! Everyone talks about it..
4 - I wish we were super tight like back in the day. You was one of my best. We were hella alike & I know that we both had good goals & ambitions. If anything, I'm still gonna have your back.
5 - I feel sorry for you. You wanna be in love so bad that you take your focus off your priorities. Get yo head straight & stop lying. Your not fooling anyone.
6 - You're a really big jerk. Stop picking on people & gettin on them cus it makes you forget your life is just as fucked up as the rest.
7 - Stand up for yourself, you're the biggest baby I know. You make the biggest scene & the way you act just attracts people to pick on you.
8 - I hella look up to you, I wish we had more time to kick it. I miss the good old days & how we were super super tight.
9 - You're the biggest bitch I know. real talk, i've never done anything to you. i hate you & one day you'll be all alone forever. Your boyfriend lies to you all the time. Even yo family doesn't like you. You an ugly ass witch & you need to get the fuck over yourself. I'll beat your ass anytime, if it wasn't so complicated & then your rude, ignorant, bitchass would be dead. DEAD.
10 - You like to brag A LOT. No one gives a fuck about yo fat ass. You think you on top now, I hope you hit rock bottom when you grow up.

9 things people may not know about you
1 - I'm a second degree blackbelt.
2- I've never jumped into a pool
3- my toes bend all the way backwards
4- i love fake nails
5- Aj is really my older cousin, not my sister, hahaha
6- I'm half German
7- my favorite food is sushi, i eat it once a week
8- i sleep w/ 7 pillows
9- my favorite ice cream is jamoca almond fudge from baskin & robbins

8 ways to win my heart
1 - make me laugh anytime of the day
2 - call me when you wake up to say good morning:]
3 - eat sushi w/ me
4 - have goals & ambitions.
5 - give me a massage:]
6 - be genuinely good to my family
7 - be protective & not controlling
8 - ... & ya name gotta be Marion Quiros<3

7 things that cross your mind a lot
1 - What my kids will be like
2 - how my wedding will look
3 - why does it take so long to loose weight
4 - i really need to buy new blush
5 - i really want a northface backpack
6 - i wish all my cousins were back home & we hung out more
7 - money, money, money

6 things you do before you fall asleep
1 - brush my teeeth
2 - pee pee
3 - wash my face
4 - watch tv
5 - check twitter. haha
6 - phone w/ baaaaby

5 things you notice in the opposite sex
1 - smile
2 - shoes
3 - eyes
4 - style
5 - if he's too cocky or into himself

4 things you wish you never did
1 - leave my blog on the home comp so my parents read it in 6th grade, haha
2 - sped down regents & got a ticket
3 - told her wassup, now I know its TMI for her to handle
4 - waste time w/ a self-centered, cocky loser

3 songs to describe your life
1 - "this is how we do it"
2 - "teach me"
3 - there's hella songs,

2 things you want to do before you die
1 - have kids, grandkids & great grand kids. HAHA
2 - go to Australia

1 Confession…
1 - the smell of belly button is interesting.. sour & sweet. HAHAHA.

I'm going shopping at Gilroy outlets now. Yayyyy. I still want a Northface backpack still. Excited to watch the fight tonight & then head out to the bonfire. Oh yeah, last night sucked. daly city was a failure. but ate evonthe's & kuya rg's house was crackkkin:] all of them are like older cousins. I like how they baby'ed us & gave us hella attention:] BYE.


Friday, September 18, 2009

return of the maccc

Whaaaaats gooood Fridaaaay;]

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


1 year & 5 months;]


Happy Anniversary to Marion & me:]

1 year & 5 months.

Monday, September 14, 2009


"Don’t keep a man guessing too long, he’s sure to find the answer somewhere else" --Mae West.


i loved playing volleyball today at ams.. good workout:] Babe & I are going on a diet. Losing weight, here we come! Haha.

but ya know what i love even more...

season premiere's are tonight


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just lettin ya know..

Last night was fun. Did this & that, went here & there.. Haha. But, i ended up seeing homegirls Tina & Kittty. Then spent a good portion of my night w/ babygirls Icky & Hailey. Too bad my BESTfriends Amanda & Murr couldn't come out:[ Basically, i had a greeeaaat night. Sipppin & soakin. Then went home w/ babe & went to sleep:] I love sleeping when he's right by my side.

Today woke up late & ate. Then dipped to Big sissa Aj's house & showered. Talked, got ready & went home. Changed clothes. Went to Marion's, then bbq @ Ponderosa w/ all the boys. Successful ass bbq i must say. For dinner we went to Milpitas for Tommy's bday. Good ass foood:] Yum! Went back to uc & chilled @babe's house for a bit. Then went home. I HATE driving in the rain. Blahhhh.

Currently, i'm waiting for the Vma's to start now cus At&t u-verse is on normal time & isn't 3 hours ahead.. All new K&K tonight @10. yeee!

-Tomorrow, pay my tuition @ eastbay, finally. Haha..
-Lunch on tuesday w/ my best murr:] & Baby sissa's vball game.

"You are NOT special. What makes you think you gon change the game. You aint nothin in his world.. I really wanna let you know, but I can't. I gotta let you make your own mistakes & your own decisions. I really hope you learn soon because you ARE being played, no doubt about it. Please, just open your eyes & realize what you let go. I just want you to understand before its too late & you get another heartbreak..."


Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm really lazy to blog right now so here's the basics..
-woke up early & dropped sissa off @logan
-babe made me breakfast
-we went to ohlone to buy his parking permit & get some books
-dipped to eastbay & i got my parking permit, couldnt pay for my tuition cus they only accept cash or check. Boo. I only brought my card.
-took a nap while babe went to school
-swooped D1, dipped to Logan & watched Teresa's vball game. Got a lil heated.. She got zero errors though. Hollla. coach betta mafkn recognize.
-home waiting to watch my thursday night shows:]

Whasss goood for tomorrow night?

Saturdayyyy: bbq? swimming? walnut creek? who knows..

♥yours truly.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today was very eventful:] After dropping off baby sissa at Logan babe came over & we went out to buy mcdonald's for breakfast. We napped & then vacuumed. After we baked cupcakes & killed a cat. Yup, you read right. We captured & then we killed a cat. Haha. That's what it freakin gets for living in our backyard & bringing fleas to our home. Then we washed marion's car. All of this was done before 12. We stayed being bizzzay! once he dipped to school I showered & got ready for Teresa's first volleyball game. Mama came home early & we all drove to Logan to watch the game.

WEAKKKKK. I have hella shit to say to that so called "coach". Playas better recognize they aint all that & they just being placed on the court cus there is no one else who can play. YOU AINT EVEN GOT TALENT. You just fillin in spots for now. Hahaha. & Teresa was doing hella good esp in hitting lines & when she got that one block of the night. Yeee. But, whatevaaah. They still won; JV & Var. Watching today's game made me miss volleyball. We was a really good team w/ a hella good ass record. I miss all those girls:]

Tomorrow is going to be another evventful day. After taking baby sisssa to school, I'm about to tag along w/ babe to Ohlone for an hour. Help him buy books & alla that shit. Then, we about to head out to Valleyfair to get the hookup from Pam:] Thanks homegirl:] Marion wants to upgrade his phone & get the Samsung Jack. Finally, he's gettin a new phone. This week has been nothing but successful:]


Monday, September 7, 2009


Thanks big sissa for putting makeup on me & older cuzzo for teasing my hair. Haha. All for fun.

Today was a wonderful day shopping @ Sj. Black&Brown, SantanaRow, & Valleyfair was a success. Thanks for driving me babe. I'm too tired to blog.. Goodnight!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lion King..

This is the Best Lion King Roll I've ever tasted. The perfect combination of sweet & spicy. Everyone should go here to Ichiro's in Fremont. Yummmm!

I'm waiting at home right now watching Re-run's of Degrassi. haha. Babe is at school & I'm hella bored waiting for him to get off, because he took my car.. blahhh. I've been vaccuming my house every day & doing laundry like the good daughter I am:] I also take the little girlies to Logan everyday & pick them up after practice. I miss volleyball so much. I wish we could rewind back to last season..

Yesterday, I went to the mall w/ Babe, Darrel & Rolo. I returned my jeans & got $32 back. Yeee! Then, we met up w/ Sheeena & it was cute talking w/ her for a while. All of us got hungry & i was craving for some Costco hotdogs! Babe, me & Darrel headed out to Costco & we snuck in.. HAHA. hotdogs & pizza were on point. The boys are super fat & made 2 rounds of the free samples. Our favorites were the cheese, beef franks, & the pie. Later on, I watched the end of Teres' vball practice & gossiped w/ Gelenee my babygirl.

Then @ night I kicked it with Kitty for a bit. I missed her so much:] I'm so glad she's back! Haha, if you read this, you better hit me up this weekend! We talked about this & that, gossiped, girl talked.. After postin it up at Kuhbayyo, I went home & ate KFC w/ my fam. Watched 3 hours of SVU & then went to sleep.

♥yours truly.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


These cupcakes look hellla delicious. MMMM:] I'm in the mood to be bake right now. Maybe tomorrow afternoon while Babe goes to school. Cupcakes, brownies, cake?

I am in need of a new wallet.. shopping this weekend i hope. I hope my mama gives me money & then i will head out to Valleyfair. While I'm there I'll make a special stop at Black & Brown & check if there are any hidden treasures.. I hope so.

Today was Sister's first day of high school. Haha. Little ones growin up so fassst.

Watching SVU is very entertaining. Haha, while eating cantaloupe.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Marry Me..

I realllly like this. Where you at Marion?!? Haha. Hop on it:] jk.

bored, i am.

How Pretty.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Unspoken Feelings.

Today is Marion's official last day of Summer:[ Booo. I still have until Sep23rd! Yeee.

I like copying my big sisssa Aj. haha. I asked my mama to cut the sleeves of this old jean jacket that i used to wear in 3rd grade. It's cute. hahaha thanks for the idea. I'm your #1 fan:]

Dear Diary,

To: Some I may love, some I admire, some I am dissapointed in, some I can't stand, some I miss, some I can't live without, & some I can do without...

-Why do you say one thing & then turn back on your words? You say this, but you do that. Just dont except that i'lll always be there.. Sooner or later i'll get tired & you'll never be let back in.. look at your words, thoughts, & especially your actions.. ESP your actions. What you do now, is directly effecting your future. & you really should be worrying about that.

-Stop going back on what you say. If its too much work to be "in love" then its not LOVE. it's not even worth it. Love shouldn't be something that you struggle with on the daily basis. Of course there will be small bumps along the way, but love should be a steady path which allows 2 people to slowly grow & understand each other. Love makes 2 people turn into better individuals, it should NEVER make the worst come out in them. Just remember that. Sacrifices should be made on both parts & if you can't take a moment to open your eyes to your partner's perspective, then that's your biggest problem. There is always, always, always 2 sides to one story.

-I miss you so much. You're really one of a kind. Thanks for always keeping in touch. You're are a really good friend. Tonight was just a reminder of why we became friends in the first place.

-I admire you dearly. You have true passion & kindness. You strive hard for what you want to achieve in life & you do it with such poise. I really do look up to you & I want to grow up to be like you:] I've always looked up to you & I appreciate you. You're kind & do things not to better your life, but also to help others.

-I can always count on you. Thanks through thick & thin. Through bickering & laughing, I still got yo back lil one. Don't forget I'm always watching you.

-This one is pretty obvious; I love you with all my heart. You're my best friend & my better half. You make me a better person & you bring out the best in me. I can see myself without you, but it would be a dark, gloomy & lost world. Thank you for always taking care of me & being there for me all the time. Day & night, I can always count on you. I am truly in love with you & I love every moment we spend together. <3


Thursday, August 27, 2009


Cousin Gibbbs on the geetar w/ his original song. Dont bite off his lyrics hoes.

HEY:] Long time no talk. I haven't been in the mood to blog lately. But, I'm very happy because i still have a month left of Summer. Official first day is Sep. 23rd! Yeee.

"Love has no limits, baby ours is endless.."


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm so happy & satisfied w/ life. I haven't even had time to blog..

maybe one day:]

until then, catch me if you can!


Sunday, August 2, 2009


Kona, HI.

thanks babe for holdin down my house:] I love you with all my heart. I'll see you sooon enough.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stranger Danger..

What a crazy crazy night..

Tired.. back to sleep now.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tip up your cup and throw your hands up..

Last night was ON POINT.. i hella love my boyfriend & bestfriends.

I have Orientation tomorrow at Eastbay.. I'm nervous, anxious, excited, curious, & a little irritated that it takes almost all day. Haha. Homegirl Lindsay is picking me up & then we'll head out.. I want to sleep early tonight. Peace.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Sweetest Thing..

"I wish I didn't get so weak ,
ooo baby, just to hear you speak .
Makes me argue just to see ,
how much you're in love with me . . ."

oh, how the tables have turned my friends.

Lately, I've been a busy body! hahaha. Gettting prepared for HAWAIII in one week from today! This is the 4th Summer in a row that my family is going:] Weee. i love the islands. Marion was being a sweetie today & suggested that we go shopping. & like every other girl, i love shopping! He took me to Great Mall & helped me pick out clothes for Hawaii:] Thanks love.

I love watching Secret Life of Teenage American Girl, haha. That's what I call it. It's the freakin best show. I memorized that sex talk they have like 4 times during the show. That's how much I watch it. I'm a big fan of Marion's direct tv. It lets me watch tv 3 hours ahead & then if i miss it, i can still watch it the regular time at my house. Yeee!

By the way, Happy late birthday to D1! Birthday dinner was coo. Texas Roadhouse, mmmm:] St. Anne's Fair was aright. I remember it being so much fun in middle school. Those were the straight up bopper days. Haha. People would walk around just to check out other people & everyone would wear backpacks. HAHAHAHA. How funny to look back upon.

Tues- Take pops to the doctors for his appointment. Party w/ mchs ppl. What is a "stoplight" party by the way.. haha. Atleast, ill see my bestfriends Amanda & Murr:]
Wed - Drop off my car to Acura in Oakland to get it serviced..
Thurs- 1st day of CSUEB Orientation. I really don't wanna play games. I just wanna register & leave. Haha. I am a party pooper.
Fri- 2nd day of CSUEB Orientation..


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Full of proof..

"All that livin fast , it ain't got to last.
Now I can slow it down
Because I'm sittin on top of the world
& I'm not comin down . . ."

Yesterday/ last night was crackin. Enough Said. esp w/ these girls..

Today was coo. I chilled in Alameda w/ fam. I haven't seen cousin Maitaa in a while & chilled with cousin Gibbs. Good foood & good talks w/ Ate Linda. After eating & saying happy birthday to Lolo Toto, my papa drove us home & i met up with Marion & we dipped to the St. Anne Festival. Oh before we decided to take a "20 minute nap", which turned out to be 2 hours long. HAHA. What a waste.. Oh well. After eating & posting it up, we dipped home. I think I'm still tired from last night.

Tomorrow Marion is taking me out on a date:] We're going to go see a movie & then eat lunch. Haha, we always go out to eat, but this time we're actually calling it a date:] I'm excited, butterflies all over again. haha. How corny..

I miss my bestfriend Amanda a lot. I'm visiting her tomorrow no matter what.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Something About You is so Addictive..

-Today was not as productive as I thought.. but I still got things down. From the hospital to Marion's House, to my house, to Logan, & to Texas Roadhouse & then to Gelene's House. It was pretty eventful. I was hella craving that delicious bread w/ the butter mixture so Babe took me to Texas Roadhouse. Yummm:] What a sweetie! Oh yeah, I have super super killer cramps:/ How uncomfortable..

-Random... I'm really craving a Tuxedo Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. Mmm. With just a little bit of cinnamon sprinkled on the top of the whipped cream. Omg, first thing tomorrow morning I will go out & treat myself to some!

-Night @ Miss Gelene Q's house was sweeet. I made a money crown with ate gayy & gelene. We awakened our creative insides. Haha. Then Gelene's papa made the best shrimp because I requested it:] hahaha. Thanks Uncle! After watching LAInk & hanging out with Gelene because she missed me so much, i went home. Now, chillin w/ babysister & mamamoney watching tv for the next 3 hours. threeee perfect shows all in a row. woooh. ill sleep at 11 tonight. haha.

-Party party party tomorrow! D1's bday bash bbq! I decided to stay in tonight & ressst. Haha. Oh yeah, congrats Nick + Summer school grads. Shortest graduation ever! I liked it.. After, headed out to Nick's house & chilled w/ babe, the boys, Pam + Murr. Thanks for all the food & dranks..
Bestfriend; I hope you feel better & I hope I can visit you tomorrrow! I really really miss you. Don't worry, after the next 2 days, it only gets better:] haha. You got your wisdom teeth taken out just like me, now we both know what its like to be chipmunks.. haha. I'll see you tomorrow w/ soup & milkshakes!

Vi; You're a lifesavor! Thank you so much. You really really took a lot of stress off my back & I'm so happy that you're here for me.

Babe; I appreciate everything you do for me & you're truly the one person I can count on for anything, anytime & anywhere. I love you with all my heart. You got me, you really really got me.

Mama&Sister; I love you guys. Family comes first, & it's you guys first & for most. Thanks for always being on my side. I know I can always count on you two for anything.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I feeling very creative now a days.. I want to clear my room & paint my 2 walls which are still white.. They should be lavender. Haha. I really really really want to paint my other two walls. Hm, or maybe I'll just clean my car tomorrow. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I want to be more SPONTANEOUS.

I spent today relaxing with Marion. I dropped off Teres dummy early at Logan. Then after going back to sleep, we got some starbucks. Then, we super super cleaned his car. Next on the agenda was running errands. After, Marion's fam had a little bbq & it was cute & yummy:]

I really need to start going to the gym again. Or maybe just walking/running around the creek. Hawaii is coming up!!

This weekend is going to bring a lot of fun:] Friday is the all day/night bbq. Saturday is Lolo Toto's 85th birthday party. & Sunday I'm trying to drive down to Santa Rosa & see me grandparents. I want to spend the day there tanning & swimming. I really like it there. It's a cute little getaway.

Everyone should try the Quizno's Torpedo!!! They're so good. I love how skinny they are & they're broken into 2. One makes me full, but i like that I'll have more for later:] For only $4, everyone should treat themselves. I like the one with Bacon, or the Turkey Pesto!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Do For Love..

"Soon as I leave , it's like a trap .
I hear you callin' me to come back .
I'm a sucka for love . . ."

Brown Eyed Blues..

Last night I went to the Alameda County Fair. It was so much fun! My first time there:] They had a lot of rides & games & food & attractions & shopping & farm animals! HAHA. I enjoyed it:] I rode only 2 rides with baby sister b/c marion was acting like a big baby.. Oh yeah i drove on 680 for the first time last night. Haha. Accomplishment to me.
The fair had lots of random people. It was nice to see all these families spoiling their kids for $30 giant stuffed animals. I feel like people would blow over $200 easy in a day. My poor pockets are now minus $70. Booo. But, the funnel cake really was delicious. I wish they sold funnel cakes here, like a little shop or something. Ours had strawberries & whipped cream! Mmmmm:] We also ordered a strawberry lemonade. Total = $13

What's on the menu for today? I want to go shopping:] maybe black&brown or urban outfitters. Who knows? Let's be spontaneous.

Random; Teres taught me how to use this new polaroid app & its pretty nifty & cute. I'm a fan. I miss my family. We don't really gather anymore like we used to :[ Teresa is staying for another week. She made a decision. The weather doesn't feel hot if 20mph winds are blowing.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

That's good for my ego..

"You could be anywhere in the world,
but you're sitting here with me..
That's good for my ego . . ."

Yesterday Night was Teres' first night back so Marion & I took her to see a movie at the Drive-In theater in Sj. What a cute experience. It was not ghetto at all, but maybe because we watched Ice Age @9. & we didn't stay to see more movies later. haha I think that's when all the rowdiness would happen. All in all, I think that everyone should go & experience it NOW! it's hella fun when you're older & can drive:] Oh yeah, IceAge3 is pretty cute. I'm a fan.

I'm not sure if it was Wednesday or Thursday, but Marion & I went to see The Proposal, & it was so cuuuuute! I really really really like that movie:] It's hella funny. Go take your best girlfriends or your significant other & enjoy it.

Today was chill. Kioku Sushi w/ babay. Yummm. He's been the only thing constant in my life. I appreciate him. Then, Walmart so I could run some errands. & then chilled @ ant's house w/ the boys, pam + babyjared. Finally decided to go swimming & then it started to get all windy! Booo. Here's a pic of the beautiful pool from my phone. Swimming for 20 minutes was fun, haha. I'm home now, doing freakin nothing but computer & watching Wizards on deck w/ hannah montana. haha. I recorded it so i could watch it:]

I'm bored.. thanks to my jerk parents. My dad said "do what you think an adult would do" that shit pissed me off to the max. If he wants to start a war, like the middle school days, i really dont care.

"You could be anywhere in the world, but you're sittin here with me.. That's good for my ego.."


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It was the Summertime..

-Today was a good day! Woke up early, went to Newark Ohlone campus w/ babe, breakfast at Mcdonalds, chill, Lunch at Ono's. Water balloon fights w/ the girls + baby jared. Swimming w/ the boys, Pam + babe:]

-I'm very satisfied. I lalalalalove summer. I'm hella enjoying it. Spending time with the people who matter & just relaxing & being able to appreciate the more simple & beautiful things in life. Today sitting under the shade w/ the girls & just relaxing was really refreshing. Then, me & babe went to his house & laid down in the grass on a blanket & it was so nice to just look up at the sky. It's so blue, clear & beautiful. Hands down, that was my favorite part of the day..

-Maybe tomorrow I'll head over to csueb & pick up the packet that lists classes which I can take this semester. I'm curious..

-Mama$ just made me spam fried rice, Yum! I'm so glad that I can eat real food now. No more worrying about wisdom teeth & pain.

-Marion & I are celebrating our 15 months anniversary tomorrow:] I'm veryyy veryyy happpy. I love him. No doubt about it. As i always say, "break up never, they just jealous" We're doing so good & I love being at this all time high. Haha, we matched NOT on purpose in our picture up there.. what a coincidence, or fate:]

-This is enough. have a good night. I know I will:]


Monday, July 13, 2009

Cool it now.

The small getaway at santa rosa this weekend was very relaxing. Exactly what I needed. I missed my dad's side & I haven't seen everyone in a while, probably since Thanksgiving. What a refreshing town..

Back in Union City, & I'm already irritated tonight. Things never change.

On the good side, I spent the day with Pam. Quality Girl Time. We ate Pho w/ baby jared & she got a haircut & then we just posted it up.

I'm an only child til Friday. Teres is spending time in Sacramento. I like it, hahaha.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Know your roots..

i put a lot of trust in you. i didn't think you would do that. I never went out & told your business, ever. thanks a lot. Out Of All People.

This weekend will be busy, I'm glad. Filled with people i WANT to be around. Saturday, Sacramento w/ babe's fam. Sunday, Santa Rosa w/ babysister & my papa's side of the fam for a reunion.

Hopefully, I get to upgrade my phone on Saturday.. cross ya fingers. Tres hella wants the Xenon & I want the impression, or the 3gs.

By the way, its squashed.


Thursday, July 2, 2009


I got my wisdom teeth pulled out. Let me say I'm so glad it's one of those experiences which you only have to go through once in a lifetime. The last 4 days my diet has consisted of soup, mashed potatoes, ice cream & pudding. & i've lost 8 pounds. woooh! My cheeks are slowly starting to get smaller. Marion & Teresa are still embarrassed to take me out in public. haha. Sometimes i feel normal. On the side note, I go back to work on Saturday. It sucks that I have work on 4th of July. At night, Marion's fam will have hella fireworks cus its his Mama's 50th bday! Yay.

-I want to watch Coraline.
-My mama bought a new car today.
-I still can't chew food.
-Today was my first day outta the house.
-Excited to register for my classes at eastbay.
-I'm hella craving for chineese food.
-3gs this summer!
-I have my own boxes of sparklers, cus they're my favorite.
-I'm gonna make hella spam masubi's tomorrow for 4th of july.

I am a firm believer in karma. I don't hope, pray or wish... I KNOW that you will get what's coming for you. I think that the worse pain one can feel is not that of physical pain, but pain caused emotionally & spiritually. Pain that is caused by something that directly effects you. Pain that you have no control over, so you are helpless & weak. Suffer bitch.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

brand new.

i haven't blogged in so long..

currently, im enjoying my Summer. I've got all my priorities straight & most importantly I'm doin me. No more bs, ain't no groupie. HAHA. Focusing on family, babe, bestfriends, gettin school started & my job. $$$

I get my wisdom teeth pulled out tomorrow, so i guess i'll blog more then. Excited for Hawaii this summer. 4th time in a row:] I can really say that right now, I am truely happy with how everything is going.

its freakin 90 degrees, im about to go swimming now.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

"This is the last call.."

26 more school days for me & then I'm out. No more high school. Honestly, I wouldn't care if it all ended tomorrow. Started out og Pioneer Eagles, to Chavez Hawks, Moreau mariners & Logan Colts. Right now I'm focusing on finishing school, spending time with family & having the best relationship w/ babe. Everything else will come on its own..

0426- Lunch Party at Isa's.
0428/29- Star Testing.
0502- Jr. Prom/ boxing fight/ east bay placement test.
0503- Marion's parents go to PI.
0510- Mothers Day.
0513- Put extensions in Murrbutt's hair.
0515- Anniversary; 1year&1month.
0522- Gabby's Graduation.
0523- Sr Ball.
0523- No School.
0530- Sister's Bday.
0604- Grad Night.
0608- Senior Checkout.
0609- Senior Picnic.
0612- Senior Breakfast.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Double Cuff Love, You the One I Lean on..

Wednesday is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY w/ Marion:]
break up never, they just jealous.

Me & babe spent our first Easter together. Once Wednesday comes, we'll be doing everything for the second time around. Like, our second 4/20 & our second halloween. HAHA. My spring break's been cooo.
--Gym w/ my papa. --newpark w/ teresa & bought babe a present. --ohlone newark campus to bring babe lunch:] --newpark mall again w/ amanda for an interview. haha it was pretty fun i must say. --babe's house & then home.
Tomorrow, im planning on gettin TuttiMelon w/ my bestfriends, murrbutt & amanda. Even though its hella sour, ill still go with them. Then probably get my nails done & go dress shopping. FA SHO.

EASTER; was at my house this year. Hella Fun. Stopped by Auntie Gertrude's for a bit & watched the little kiddies do the easter egg hunt. Marion & I hid the eggs. We're pros! Headed back to my house & played 13 & ate all night.

KARMA REALLY IS A BITCH; (the short version)
Teresa, Marion & I are going to safeway to pick up ice around 12 on Easter Sunday & the parking lot is HELLA packed. I'm driving up & down the isles trying to find a parking spot. Someone is finally leaving in the very front so I turn on my signaler & I'm waiting there for 3 minutes. Once the car backs out, some white mid 50's lady swoops in & takes it. I honk for hellla days & pull up right next to her yelling & all that shit. & she has the nerve to smirk at me & tell me two minutes. WTFFF? She shoulda just backed out & said sorry or something.. So i tell that beezy to watch her car & see what happens. She walks in the door w/ her 10 year old daughter & then walks back out & decides to move her car. HAHAHA. bitchhhhhh. She got scared thinking ill do something. BUT, i already parked in the back. Whatever. So, after we buy ice, we walk to the back of the lot & when we're leaving the white lady just walks out. We pull out & the light is red. The white lady pulls up in the lane next to us to turn right as we are in the lane to go straight. Im muggin her & all that & my little sister flips off the girl in the passenger seat & the girl knudges her mama to look at us & when the mom looks, SHE REAR-ENDS THE CAR INFRONT OF HER HELLA HARD. I got to see the whole thing happened right infront of me. Yeah, Karma is a bitch. She shoulda acted civil, esp on Easter Sunday!

& that is all. GNight.

♥Sincerely Fuckin Yours.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ya ass & them hips.. Those eyes & them lips.

last one of my high school career..

Happy Easter. Partyyy at my house today! Hayy. Then Easter egg hunting at Auntie Gertrude's w/ babay. I've been tryna search for my Sr. Ball Dress, but I hella can't find a short one that I want. I have a picture of something I want, but I can't find it on the website. Boo:/ So Yesterday Marion took me to --Stanford Mall & we bought Sprinkles Cupcakes:] Mmmm. But, no dress.. Then we headed out to --Valleyfair. After searching for a sushi place to eat at, we ended up eating Korean. It was pretty goood. We didn't get to stop at Great Mall on the way home. But, this week I'll go look.

This last week at school went by hella fassst. Im happpy w/ my 3.86 for 3rd quarter. I'm glad that I work hard & can balance school & play. When college comes it will only get better.

♥Yours Truly.

Monday, April 6, 2009

& baby when it's love, if it's not rough it isn't fun..

Today marks the start of mine & Marion's new workout plan. Marion = the Rock. Me = fit. HAHAHA. So we ran 1.5 miles & cycled for 20 minutes. Then we lifted weights:] Yeahhh, we're gonna get fit! I wanna be darker & more fit for Prom! We also baked cupcakes;]

I can't find my Ecology book, so if you know where I put it... or if you know where it is tell me.

Gossip Girl isn't new tonight. How freakin gay!

4 more days til Spring Break.
9 days til my One Year Anniversary w/ Babayy.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Heartbeat with a high demand..

Today was the perfect day:] I woke up early & ate breakfast with Marion. After showering, & making him wait while I get ready we head out to sf & take a little longer than expected. Haha. Someone doesn't know how to ride Bart. --SF; We ate lunch at Blondie's & it was babe's first time;] After shopping my heart out & searching for the perfect senior ball dress I came home dress-less. Boo. But, I did have hella fun eating Gelatto. & Marion & I have created a new deal with when I want to go shopping. Haha. I get what I want, & he sure does get what he wants. HAHAHA;] --Liquor store, & saw Pamela/Roland. --Home & long nap. Then, we ate singanggg & spent more time at his house. Next weekend will be more sucsessful. Vallyfair is the next stop!

Friday was the powderpuff game/rally. Coo, i guess. Rolled deep to the game w/ Babe's friends. Met up w/ babygirl Murrbutt. & sadly, didn't get to sit with Chani the choad. Watched my girls Brit&Pcess smash on the juniors. Left early & headed out to Wingstop. Hella delicious. Lemon Pepper & Garlic Parmesean all day. Haha, why some girl say she was scared cus all of Marion's homies. HAHAHA. --Rolled to Cabello & then home.

Basically, school is almost over. It's a week into my last quarter of high school & it's going by so fasssst. But, I don't mind. I'm glad to say I wanna get out & get to the finer things. Once I graduate, life can only get better:]

0410- Roadtrip to San Diego?!?
0411- Dress Shopping Part II; Valleyfair.
0412- Easter Sunday.
0413- First Day of Spring Break.
0418- Csueb thang.

& that's all I can think of.
Gnight. I love Marion delRosario Quiros, always.

♥Sincerely Fuckin Yours..

Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby, you could get it all..

I'm spending tonight with my little sister & my mamas. Bonding Time:] Tonight is a night of recuperation, because tomorrow night my girls, babe & i will be back at it again. & tomorrow, I'll go to a faraway mall to search for the perfect SENIOR ball dress.

This month, every weekend has been filled with fun & parties.
This week, has been filled with stress, tears, suppressed feelings, anger & acceptance.
This afternoon, Marion got me the best present ever. Let's just say white gold, 1/3 karot.
This hour, I've heard Teresa sing a dozen songs on the guitar.

By the way, its almost April 15:]

"This love is endless, unbreakable, its continuous. It flows full circle & never takes a break."

Mark this date; Goodbye Bumble..

♥Yours fuckin truly.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For starters..

"Our relationship is so strong & nothing has ever phased us & nothing ever will. people choose to see our happiness as a negative because they have nothing like what we have. They choose to make something so good, seem like a flaw because they never had a love as good as this. Its constantly growing everyday. & when we say we down for eachother, its every single day. Not just on the weekends, or when we feel like taking the buss, its all the time. Nothing will ever break us & it was inevitable from the first day we met that we would be together. I already knew that we would meet, & from day 1, we've been one team. fuck bullshit, cus we gonna stay together. & if you do supposedly have some leash attached to you, then i guess i do to. I guesss all my friends with boyfriends all have leashes. Just because we wanna spend everyday together, because we drive to see one another & go out of our ways to make each other happy. Cus everything is better when we're together. I'd rather be with you, even if you're the one who made me sad. Cus your the only person who knows just what to do to make everythiing better. You calm me down, you give me something. This feeling that I can't explain. & if people wanna hate, then we gon let them. we're not gonna waste our time, because in the end we have each other. & nothing & no one else matters. Like I been said, you're my first, my last & my only."

♥Sincerely Fuckin Yours.