Monday, July 20, 2009

Brown Eyed Blues..

Last night I went to the Alameda County Fair. It was so much fun! My first time there:] They had a lot of rides & games & food & attractions & shopping & farm animals! HAHA. I enjoyed it:] I rode only 2 rides with baby sister b/c marion was acting like a big baby.. Oh yeah i drove on 680 for the first time last night. Haha. Accomplishment to me.
The fair had lots of random people. It was nice to see all these families spoiling their kids for $30 giant stuffed animals. I feel like people would blow over $200 easy in a day. My poor pockets are now minus $70. Booo. But, the funnel cake really was delicious. I wish they sold funnel cakes here, like a little shop or something. Ours had strawberries & whipped cream! Mmmmm:] We also ordered a strawberry lemonade. Total = $13

What's on the menu for today? I want to go shopping:] maybe black&brown or urban outfitters. Who knows? Let's be spontaneous.

Random; Teres taught me how to use this new polaroid app & its pretty nifty & cute. I'm a fan. I miss my family. We don't really gather anymore like we used to :[ Teresa is staying for another week. She made a decision. The weather doesn't feel hot if 20mph winds are blowing.


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