Monday, April 13, 2009

Double Cuff Love, You the One I Lean on..

Wednesday is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY w/ Marion:]
break up never, they just jealous.

Me & babe spent our first Easter together. Once Wednesday comes, we'll be doing everything for the second time around. Like, our second 4/20 & our second halloween. HAHA. My spring break's been cooo.
--Gym w/ my papa. --newpark w/ teresa & bought babe a present. --ohlone newark campus to bring babe lunch:] --newpark mall again w/ amanda for an interview. haha it was pretty fun i must say. --babe's house & then home.
Tomorrow, im planning on gettin TuttiMelon w/ my bestfriends, murrbutt & amanda. Even though its hella sour, ill still go with them. Then probably get my nails done & go dress shopping. FA SHO.

EASTER; was at my house this year. Hella Fun. Stopped by Auntie Gertrude's for a bit & watched the little kiddies do the easter egg hunt. Marion & I hid the eggs. We're pros! Headed back to my house & played 13 & ate all night.

KARMA REALLY IS A BITCH; (the short version)
Teresa, Marion & I are going to safeway to pick up ice around 12 on Easter Sunday & the parking lot is HELLA packed. I'm driving up & down the isles trying to find a parking spot. Someone is finally leaving in the very front so I turn on my signaler & I'm waiting there for 3 minutes. Once the car backs out, some white mid 50's lady swoops in & takes it. I honk for hellla days & pull up right next to her yelling & all that shit. & she has the nerve to smirk at me & tell me two minutes. WTFFF? She shoulda just backed out & said sorry or something.. So i tell that beezy to watch her car & see what happens. She walks in the door w/ her 10 year old daughter & then walks back out & decides to move her car. HAHAHA. bitchhhhhh. She got scared thinking ill do something. BUT, i already parked in the back. Whatever. So, after we buy ice, we walk to the back of the lot & when we're leaving the white lady just walks out. We pull out & the light is red. The white lady pulls up in the lane next to us to turn right as we are in the lane to go straight. Im muggin her & all that & my little sister flips off the girl in the passenger seat & the girl knudges her mama to look at us & when the mom looks, SHE REAR-ENDS THE CAR INFRONT OF HER HELLA HARD. I got to see the whole thing happened right infront of me. Yeah, Karma is a bitch. She shoulda acted civil, esp on Easter Sunday!

& that is all. GNight.

♥Sincerely Fuckin Yours.

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