Saturday, July 18, 2009

That's good for my ego..

"You could be anywhere in the world,
but you're sitting here with me..
That's good for my ego . . ."

Yesterday Night was Teres' first night back so Marion & I took her to see a movie at the Drive-In theater in Sj. What a cute experience. It was not ghetto at all, but maybe because we watched Ice Age @9. & we didn't stay to see more movies later. haha I think that's when all the rowdiness would happen. All in all, I think that everyone should go & experience it NOW! it's hella fun when you're older & can drive:] Oh yeah, IceAge3 is pretty cute. I'm a fan.

I'm not sure if it was Wednesday or Thursday, but Marion & I went to see The Proposal, & it was so cuuuuute! I really really really like that movie:] It's hella funny. Go take your best girlfriends or your significant other & enjoy it.

Today was chill. Kioku Sushi w/ babay. Yummm. He's been the only thing constant in my life. I appreciate him. Then, Walmart so I could run some errands. & then chilled @ ant's house w/ the boys, pam + babyjared. Finally decided to go swimming & then it started to get all windy! Booo. Here's a pic of the beautiful pool from my phone. Swimming for 20 minutes was fun, haha. I'm home now, doing freakin nothing but computer & watching Wizards on deck w/ hannah montana. haha. I recorded it so i could watch it:]

I'm bored.. thanks to my jerk parents. My dad said "do what you think an adult would do" that shit pissed me off to the max. If he wants to start a war, like the middle school days, i really dont care.

"You could be anywhere in the world, but you're sittin here with me.. That's good for my ego.."


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