Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm really lazy to blog right now so here's the basics..
-woke up early & dropped sissa off @logan
-babe made me breakfast
-we went to ohlone to buy his parking permit & get some books
-dipped to eastbay & i got my parking permit, couldnt pay for my tuition cus they only accept cash or check. Boo. I only brought my card.
-took a nap while babe went to school
-swooped D1, dipped to Logan & watched Teresa's vball game. Got a lil heated.. She got zero errors though. Hollla. coach betta mafkn recognize.
-home waiting to watch my thursday night shows:]

Whasss goood for tomorrow night?

Saturdayyyy: bbq? swimming? walnut creek? who knows..

♥yours truly.

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