Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For starters..

"Our relationship is so strong & nothing has ever phased us & nothing ever will. people choose to see our happiness as a negative because they have nothing like what we have. They choose to make something so good, seem like a flaw because they never had a love as good as this. Its constantly growing everyday. & when we say we down for eachother, its every single day. Not just on the weekends, or when we feel like taking the buss, its all the time. Nothing will ever break us & it was inevitable from the first day we met that we would be together. I already knew that we would meet, & from day 1, we've been one team. fuck bullshit, cus we gonna stay together. & if you do supposedly have some leash attached to you, then i guess i do to. I guesss all my friends with boyfriends all have leashes. Just because we wanna spend everyday together, because we drive to see one another & go out of our ways to make each other happy. Cus everything is better when we're together. I'd rather be with you, even if you're the one who made me sad. Cus your the only person who knows just what to do to make everythiing better. You calm me down, you give me something. This feeling that I can't explain. & if people wanna hate, then we gon let them. we're not gonna waste our time, because in the end we have each other. & nothing & no one else matters. Like I been said, you're my first, my last & my only."

♥Sincerely Fuckin Yours.

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