Thursday, July 2, 2009


I got my wisdom teeth pulled out. Let me say I'm so glad it's one of those experiences which you only have to go through once in a lifetime. The last 4 days my diet has consisted of soup, mashed potatoes, ice cream & pudding. & i've lost 8 pounds. woooh! My cheeks are slowly starting to get smaller. Marion & Teresa are still embarrassed to take me out in public. haha. Sometimes i feel normal. On the side note, I go back to work on Saturday. It sucks that I have work on 4th of July. At night, Marion's fam will have hella fireworks cus its his Mama's 50th bday! Yay.

-I want to watch Coraline.
-My mama bought a new car today.
-I still can't chew food.
-Today was my first day outta the house.
-Excited to register for my classes at eastbay.
-I'm hella craving for chineese food.
-3gs this summer!
-I have my own boxes of sparklers, cus they're my favorite.
-I'm gonna make hella spam masubi's tomorrow for 4th of july.

I am a firm believer in karma. I don't hope, pray or wish... I KNOW that you will get what's coming for you. I think that the worse pain one can feel is not that of physical pain, but pain caused emotionally & spiritually. Pain that is caused by something that directly effects you. Pain that you have no control over, so you are helpless & weak. Suffer bitch.


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