Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ya ass & them hips.. Those eyes & them lips.

last one of my high school career..

Happy Easter. Partyyy at my house today! Hayy. Then Easter egg hunting at Auntie Gertrude's w/ babay. I've been tryna search for my Sr. Ball Dress, but I hella can't find a short one that I want. I have a picture of something I want, but I can't find it on the website. Boo:/ So Yesterday Marion took me to --Stanford Mall & we bought Sprinkles Cupcakes:] Mmmm. But, no dress.. Then we headed out to --Valleyfair. After searching for a sushi place to eat at, we ended up eating Korean. It was pretty goood. We didn't get to stop at Great Mall on the way home. But, this week I'll go look.

This last week at school went by hella fassst. Im happpy w/ my 3.86 for 3rd quarter. I'm glad that I work hard & can balance school & play. When college comes it will only get better.

♥Yours Truly.

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