Friday, October 2, 2009

"Cant Let You Go" - C Brown, Pleasure P & Bow Wow

Damn, i hella wanna put everything out here, but I aint a drama starting bitch. Just lettin you know, you fucked up. I dont gossip about yo shit to random ass people. I don't put the shit you do & the shit you go through out there. Damn.

This weekend is aboutta be crackin. All the homework I have is one section of math & write a rough draft for English. That's aboutta be hella easy though cus its just on an advertisement. I'm so glad that I'm doing good in college so far;] Haha. I'm glad that I'm working hard & not slacking off & going to an actual college & getting an education. Anywayssss, today I wanna go shopping. Then me, babe & the boys is aboutta head out to Fremont. I hope that's fun. Tomorrow is fam DAY. Aboutta head out to Santa Rosa & have dinner w/ my Pop's side. But, NIGHTTIME is dedicated to one of my babygirl's:] I'm excited to paaaarty w/ Icky & Bestfriend Amanda. Yeeee. She coming home from Dominican! hayyyyyyyyy. "guestlist only please" Sunday, I'm going to my Lola's house for her despidita to the Philippines. I'm gonna miss her so much!!


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