Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lion King..

This is the Best Lion King Roll I've ever tasted. The perfect combination of sweet & spicy. Everyone should go here to Ichiro's in Fremont. Yummmm!

I'm waiting at home right now watching Re-run's of Degrassi. haha. Babe is at school & I'm hella bored waiting for him to get off, because he took my car.. blahhh. I've been vaccuming my house every day & doing laundry like the good daughter I am:] I also take the little girlies to Logan everyday & pick them up after practice. I miss volleyball so much. I wish we could rewind back to last season..

Yesterday, I went to the mall w/ Babe, Darrel & Rolo. I returned my jeans & got $32 back. Yeee! Then, we met up w/ Sheeena & it was cute talking w/ her for a while. All of us got hungry & i was craving for some Costco hotdogs! Babe, me & Darrel headed out to Costco & we snuck in.. HAHA. hotdogs & pizza were on point. The boys are super fat & made 2 rounds of the free samples. Our favorites were the cheese, beef franks, & the pie. Later on, I watched the end of Teres' vball practice & gossiped w/ Gelenee my babygirl.

Then @ night I kicked it with Kitty for a bit. I missed her so much:] I'm so glad she's back! Haha, if you read this, you better hit me up this weekend! We talked about this & that, gossiped, girl talked.. After postin it up at Kuhbayyo, I went home & ate KFC w/ my fam. Watched 3 hours of SVU & then went to sleep.

♥yours truly.

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