Saturday, July 25, 2009

Full of proof..

"All that livin fast , it ain't got to last.
Now I can slow it down
Because I'm sittin on top of the world
& I'm not comin down . . ."

Yesterday/ last night was crackin. Enough Said. esp w/ these girls..

Today was coo. I chilled in Alameda w/ fam. I haven't seen cousin Maitaa in a while & chilled with cousin Gibbs. Good foood & good talks w/ Ate Linda. After eating & saying happy birthday to Lolo Toto, my papa drove us home & i met up with Marion & we dipped to the St. Anne Festival. Oh before we decided to take a "20 minute nap", which turned out to be 2 hours long. HAHA. What a waste.. Oh well. After eating & posting it up, we dipped home. I think I'm still tired from last night.

Tomorrow Marion is taking me out on a date:] We're going to go see a movie & then eat lunch. Haha, we always go out to eat, but this time we're actually calling it a date:] I'm excited, butterflies all over again. haha. How corny..

I miss my bestfriend Amanda a lot. I'm visiting her tomorrow no matter what.


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