Monday, July 27, 2009

Sweetest Thing..

"I wish I didn't get so weak ,
ooo baby, just to hear you speak .
Makes me argue just to see ,
how much you're in love with me . . ."

oh, how the tables have turned my friends.

Lately, I've been a busy body! hahaha. Gettting prepared for HAWAIII in one week from today! This is the 4th Summer in a row that my family is going:] Weee. i love the islands. Marion was being a sweetie today & suggested that we go shopping. & like every other girl, i love shopping! He took me to Great Mall & helped me pick out clothes for Hawaii:] Thanks love.

I love watching Secret Life of Teenage American Girl, haha. That's what I call it. It's the freakin best show. I memorized that sex talk they have like 4 times during the show. That's how much I watch it. I'm a big fan of Marion's direct tv. It lets me watch tv 3 hours ahead & then if i miss it, i can still watch it the regular time at my house. Yeee!

By the way, Happy late birthday to D1! Birthday dinner was coo. Texas Roadhouse, mmmm:] St. Anne's Fair was aright. I remember it being so much fun in middle school. Those were the straight up bopper days. Haha. People would walk around just to check out other people & everyone would wear backpacks. HAHAHAHA. How funny to look back upon.

Tues- Take pops to the doctors for his appointment. Party w/ mchs ppl. What is a "stoplight" party by the way.. haha. Atleast, ill see my bestfriends Amanda & Murr:]
Wed - Drop off my car to Acura in Oakland to get it serviced..
Thurs- 1st day of CSUEB Orientation. I really don't wanna play games. I just wanna register & leave. Haha. I am a party pooper.
Fri- 2nd day of CSUEB Orientation..


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