Thursday, July 23, 2009

Something About You is so Addictive..

-Today was not as productive as I thought.. but I still got things down. From the hospital to Marion's House, to my house, to Logan, & to Texas Roadhouse & then to Gelene's House. It was pretty eventful. I was hella craving that delicious bread w/ the butter mixture so Babe took me to Texas Roadhouse. Yummm:] What a sweetie! Oh yeah, I have super super killer cramps:/ How uncomfortable..

-Random... I'm really craving a Tuxedo Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. Mmm. With just a little bit of cinnamon sprinkled on the top of the whipped cream. Omg, first thing tomorrow morning I will go out & treat myself to some!

-Night @ Miss Gelene Q's house was sweeet. I made a money crown with ate gayy & gelene. We awakened our creative insides. Haha. Then Gelene's papa made the best shrimp because I requested it:] hahaha. Thanks Uncle! After watching LAInk & hanging out with Gelene because she missed me so much, i went home. Now, chillin w/ babysister & mamamoney watching tv for the next 3 hours. threeee perfect shows all in a row. woooh. ill sleep at 11 tonight. haha.

-Party party party tomorrow! D1's bday bash bbq! I decided to stay in tonight & ressst. Haha. Oh yeah, congrats Nick + Summer school grads. Shortest graduation ever! I liked it.. After, headed out to Nick's house & chilled w/ babe, the boys, Pam + Murr. Thanks for all the food & dranks..
Bestfriend; I hope you feel better & I hope I can visit you tomorrrow! I really really miss you. Don't worry, after the next 2 days, it only gets better:] haha. You got your wisdom teeth taken out just like me, now we both know what its like to be chipmunks.. haha. I'll see you tomorrow w/ soup & milkshakes!

Vi; You're a lifesavor! Thank you so much. You really really took a lot of stress off my back & I'm so happy that you're here for me.

Babe; I appreciate everything you do for me & you're truly the one person I can count on for anything, anytime & anywhere. I love you with all my heart. You got me, you really really got me.

Mama&Sister; I love you guys. Family comes first, & it's you guys first & for most. Thanks for always being on my side. I know I can always count on you two for anything.


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