Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby, you could get it all..

I'm spending tonight with my little sister & my mamas. Bonding Time:] Tonight is a night of recuperation, because tomorrow night my girls, babe & i will be back at it again. & tomorrow, I'll go to a faraway mall to search for the perfect SENIOR ball dress.

This month, every weekend has been filled with fun & parties.
This week, has been filled with stress, tears, suppressed feelings, anger & acceptance.
This afternoon, Marion got me the best present ever. Let's just say white gold, 1/3 karot.
This hour, I've heard Teresa sing a dozen songs on the guitar.

By the way, its almost April 15:]

"This love is endless, unbreakable, its continuous. It flows full circle & never takes a break."

Mark this date; Goodbye Bumble..

♥Yours fuckin truly.

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