Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Once again,

-- "Why do you try & impress the world? You suck up to everyone & they mamas. You try & be on everyone's good side & be everyone's friends. It's so annoying how you pry yourself into other's lives. You dont even know them bro. Just stop. It's irritating & weird. People are getting weirded out... teacher's pet."

---"Why do you always lie & twist the truth. You are attracted to drama & like to see how much of a reaction you can get out of others. I think you lie to others, to try & fool your self. It aint gonna work, girl open your eyes."

College is cooo. i really like my schedule. College Math, College English, GS Activity, Library, & Envnt Science.
M: 2-3:50
T: 8-1:50
W: 2-3:50
Th: 8-11:50


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