Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just lettin ya know..

Last night was fun. Did this & that, went here & there.. Haha. But, i ended up seeing homegirls Tina & Kittty. Then spent a good portion of my night w/ babygirls Icky & Hailey. Too bad my BESTfriends Amanda & Murr couldn't come out:[ Basically, i had a greeeaaat night. Sipppin & soakin. Then went home w/ babe & went to sleep:] I love sleeping when he's right by my side.

Today woke up late & ate. Then dipped to Big sissa Aj's house & showered. Talked, got ready & went home. Changed clothes. Went to Marion's, then bbq @ Ponderosa w/ all the boys. Successful ass bbq i must say. For dinner we went to Milpitas for Tommy's bday. Good ass foood:] Yum! Went back to uc & chilled @babe's house for a bit. Then went home. I HATE driving in the rain. Blahhhh.

Currently, i'm waiting for the Vma's to start now cus At&t u-verse is on normal time & isn't 3 hours ahead.. All new K&K tonight @10. yeee!

-Tomorrow, pay my tuition @ eastbay, finally. Haha..
-Lunch on tuesday w/ my best murr:] & Baby sissa's vball game.

"You are NOT special. What makes you think you gon change the game. You aint nothin in his world.. I really wanna let you know, but I can't. I gotta let you make your own mistakes & your own decisions. I really hope you learn soon because you ARE being played, no doubt about it. Please, just open your eyes & realize what you let go. I just want you to understand before its too late & you get another heartbreak..."


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