Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today was very eventful:] After dropping off baby sissa at Logan babe came over & we went out to buy mcdonald's for breakfast. We napped & then vacuumed. After we baked cupcakes & killed a cat. Yup, you read right. We captured & then we killed a cat. Haha. That's what it freakin gets for living in our backyard & bringing fleas to our home. Then we washed marion's car. All of this was done before 12. We stayed being bizzzay! once he dipped to school I showered & got ready for Teresa's first volleyball game. Mama came home early & we all drove to Logan to watch the game.

WEAKKKKK. I have hella shit to say to that so called "coach". Playas better recognize they aint all that & they just being placed on the court cus there is no one else who can play. YOU AINT EVEN GOT TALENT. You just fillin in spots for now. Hahaha. & Teresa was doing hella good esp in hitting lines & when she got that one block of the night. Yeee. But, whatevaaah. They still won; JV & Var. Watching today's game made me miss volleyball. We was a really good team w/ a hella good ass record. I miss all those girls:]

Tomorrow is going to be another evventful day. After taking baby sisssa to school, I'm about to tag along w/ babe to Ohlone for an hour. Help him buy books & alla that shit. Then, we about to head out to Valleyfair to get the hookup from Pam:] Thanks homegirl:] Marion wants to upgrade his phone & get the Samsung Jack. Finally, he's gettin a new phone. This week has been nothing but successful:]


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