Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fun & Games..

10 things you wish you could say to 10 different people right now.
1 - You're my bestfriend, boyfriend & everything. I'm in love w/ you & I appreciate you:] Yous a keeper. No matter what, I'm happy w/ you. I'd rather be around you than away. You're the only person who can cheer me up, & make me smile no matter what.
2 - I'll never forget what you did & how you put me into your business & your god damn drama. Keep my name out yo mouth & ignore the whole situation. Don't fuckin drag me in your bs. You're the only person whose to blame, don't put that on anyone else.
3 - Dontchu know you got a fat ass cameltoe girl?!? Look in a maaafkn mirrror! Everyone talks about it..
4 - I wish we were super tight like back in the day. You was one of my best. We were hella alike & I know that we both had good goals & ambitions. If anything, I'm still gonna have your back.
5 - I feel sorry for you. You wanna be in love so bad that you take your focus off your priorities. Get yo head straight & stop lying. Your not fooling anyone.
6 - You're a really big jerk. Stop picking on people & gettin on them cus it makes you forget your life is just as fucked up as the rest.
7 - Stand up for yourself, you're the biggest baby I know. You make the biggest scene & the way you act just attracts people to pick on you.
8 - I hella look up to you, I wish we had more time to kick it. I miss the good old days & how we were super super tight.
9 - You're the biggest bitch I know. real talk, i've never done anything to you. i hate you & one day you'll be all alone forever. Your boyfriend lies to you all the time. Even yo family doesn't like you. You an ugly ass witch & you need to get the fuck over yourself. I'll beat your ass anytime, if it wasn't so complicated & then your rude, ignorant, bitchass would be dead. DEAD.
10 - You like to brag A LOT. No one gives a fuck about yo fat ass. You think you on top now, I hope you hit rock bottom when you grow up.

9 things people may not know about you
1 - I'm a second degree blackbelt.
2- I've never jumped into a pool
3- my toes bend all the way backwards
4- i love fake nails
5- Aj is really my older cousin, not my sister, hahaha
6- I'm half German
7- my favorite food is sushi, i eat it once a week
8- i sleep w/ 7 pillows
9- my favorite ice cream is jamoca almond fudge from baskin & robbins

8 ways to win my heart
1 - make me laugh anytime of the day
2 - call me when you wake up to say good morning:]
3 - eat sushi w/ me
4 - have goals & ambitions.
5 - give me a massage:]
6 - be genuinely good to my family
7 - be protective & not controlling
8 - ... & ya name gotta be Marion Quiros<3

7 things that cross your mind a lot
1 - What my kids will be like
2 - how my wedding will look
3 - why does it take so long to loose weight
4 - i really need to buy new blush
5 - i really want a northface backpack
6 - i wish all my cousins were back home & we hung out more
7 - money, money, money

6 things you do before you fall asleep
1 - brush my teeeth
2 - pee pee
3 - wash my face
4 - watch tv
5 - check twitter. haha
6 - phone w/ baaaaby

5 things you notice in the opposite sex
1 - smile
2 - shoes
3 - eyes
4 - style
5 - if he's too cocky or into himself

4 things you wish you never did
1 - leave my blog on the home comp so my parents read it in 6th grade, haha
2 - sped down regents & got a ticket
3 - told her wassup, now I know its TMI for her to handle
4 - waste time w/ a self-centered, cocky loser

3 songs to describe your life
1 - "this is how we do it"
2 - "teach me"
3 - there's hella songs,

2 things you want to do before you die
1 - have kids, grandkids & great grand kids. HAHA
2 - go to Australia

1 Confession…
1 - the smell of belly button is interesting.. sour & sweet. HAHAHA.

I'm going shopping at Gilroy outlets now. Yayyyy. I still want a Northface backpack still. Excited to watch the fight tonight & then head out to the bonfire. Oh yeah, last night sucked. daly city was a failure. but ate evonthe's & kuya rg's house was crackkkin:] all of them are like older cousins. I like how they baby'ed us & gave us hella attention:] BYE.


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