Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tip up your cup and throw your hands up..

Last night was ON POINT.. i hella love my boyfriend & bestfriends.

I have Orientation tomorrow at Eastbay.. I'm nervous, anxious, excited, curious, & a little irritated that it takes almost all day. Haha. Homegirl Lindsay is picking me up & then we'll head out.. I want to sleep early tonight. Peace.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Sweetest Thing..

"I wish I didn't get so weak ,
ooo baby, just to hear you speak .
Makes me argue just to see ,
how much you're in love with me . . ."

oh, how the tables have turned my friends.

Lately, I've been a busy body! hahaha. Gettting prepared for HAWAIII in one week from today! This is the 4th Summer in a row that my family is going:] Weee. i love the islands. Marion was being a sweetie today & suggested that we go shopping. & like every other girl, i love shopping! He took me to Great Mall & helped me pick out clothes for Hawaii:] Thanks love.

I love watching Secret Life of Teenage American Girl, haha. That's what I call it. It's the freakin best show. I memorized that sex talk they have like 4 times during the show. That's how much I watch it. I'm a big fan of Marion's direct tv. It lets me watch tv 3 hours ahead & then if i miss it, i can still watch it the regular time at my house. Yeee!

By the way, Happy late birthday to D1! Birthday dinner was coo. Texas Roadhouse, mmmm:] St. Anne's Fair was aright. I remember it being so much fun in middle school. Those were the straight up bopper days. Haha. People would walk around just to check out other people & everyone would wear backpacks. HAHAHAHA. How funny to look back upon.

Tues- Take pops to the doctors for his appointment. Party w/ mchs ppl. What is a "stoplight" party by the way.. haha. Atleast, ill see my bestfriends Amanda & Murr:]
Wed - Drop off my car to Acura in Oakland to get it serviced..
Thurs- 1st day of CSUEB Orientation. I really don't wanna play games. I just wanna register & leave. Haha. I am a party pooper.
Fri- 2nd day of CSUEB Orientation..


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Full of proof..

"All that livin fast , it ain't got to last.
Now I can slow it down
Because I'm sittin on top of the world
& I'm not comin down . . ."

Yesterday/ last night was crackin. Enough Said. esp w/ these girls..

Today was coo. I chilled in Alameda w/ fam. I haven't seen cousin Maitaa in a while & chilled with cousin Gibbs. Good foood & good talks w/ Ate Linda. After eating & saying happy birthday to Lolo Toto, my papa drove us home & i met up with Marion & we dipped to the St. Anne Festival. Oh before we decided to take a "20 minute nap", which turned out to be 2 hours long. HAHA. What a waste.. Oh well. After eating & posting it up, we dipped home. I think I'm still tired from last night.

Tomorrow Marion is taking me out on a date:] We're going to go see a movie & then eat lunch. Haha, we always go out to eat, but this time we're actually calling it a date:] I'm excited, butterflies all over again. haha. How corny..

I miss my bestfriend Amanda a lot. I'm visiting her tomorrow no matter what.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Something About You is so Addictive..

-Today was not as productive as I thought.. but I still got things down. From the hospital to Marion's House, to my house, to Logan, & to Texas Roadhouse & then to Gelene's House. It was pretty eventful. I was hella craving that delicious bread w/ the butter mixture so Babe took me to Texas Roadhouse. Yummm:] What a sweetie! Oh yeah, I have super super killer cramps:/ How uncomfortable..

-Random... I'm really craving a Tuxedo Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. Mmm. With just a little bit of cinnamon sprinkled on the top of the whipped cream. Omg, first thing tomorrow morning I will go out & treat myself to some!

-Night @ Miss Gelene Q's house was sweeet. I made a money crown with ate gayy & gelene. We awakened our creative insides. Haha. Then Gelene's papa made the best shrimp because I requested it:] hahaha. Thanks Uncle! After watching LAInk & hanging out with Gelene because she missed me so much, i went home. Now, chillin w/ babysister & mamamoney watching tv for the next 3 hours. threeee perfect shows all in a row. woooh. ill sleep at 11 tonight. haha.

-Party party party tomorrow! D1's bday bash bbq! I decided to stay in tonight & ressst. Haha. Oh yeah, congrats Nick + Summer school grads. Shortest graduation ever! I liked it.. After, headed out to Nick's house & chilled w/ babe, the boys, Pam + Murr. Thanks for all the food & dranks..
Bestfriend; I hope you feel better & I hope I can visit you tomorrrow! I really really miss you. Don't worry, after the next 2 days, it only gets better:] haha. You got your wisdom teeth taken out just like me, now we both know what its like to be chipmunks.. haha. I'll see you tomorrow w/ soup & milkshakes!

Vi; You're a lifesavor! Thank you so much. You really really took a lot of stress off my back & I'm so happy that you're here for me.

Babe; I appreciate everything you do for me & you're truly the one person I can count on for anything, anytime & anywhere. I love you with all my heart. You got me, you really really got me.

Mama&Sister; I love you guys. Family comes first, & it's you guys first & for most. Thanks for always being on my side. I know I can always count on you two for anything.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I feeling very creative now a days.. I want to clear my room & paint my 2 walls which are still white.. They should be lavender. Haha. I really really really want to paint my other two walls. Hm, or maybe I'll just clean my car tomorrow. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I want to be more SPONTANEOUS.

I spent today relaxing with Marion. I dropped off Teres dummy early at Logan. Then after going back to sleep, we got some starbucks. Then, we super super cleaned his car. Next on the agenda was running errands. After, Marion's fam had a little bbq & it was cute & yummy:]

I really need to start going to the gym again. Or maybe just walking/running around the creek. Hawaii is coming up!!

This weekend is going to bring a lot of fun:] Friday is the all day/night bbq. Saturday is Lolo Toto's 85th birthday party. & Sunday I'm trying to drive down to Santa Rosa & see me grandparents. I want to spend the day there tanning & swimming. I really like it there. It's a cute little getaway.

Everyone should try the Quizno's Torpedo!!! They're so good. I love how skinny they are & they're broken into 2. One makes me full, but i like that I'll have more for later:] For only $4, everyone should treat themselves. I like the one with Bacon, or the Turkey Pesto!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Do For Love..

"Soon as I leave , it's like a trap .
I hear you callin' me to come back .
I'm a sucka for love . . ."

Brown Eyed Blues..

Last night I went to the Alameda County Fair. It was so much fun! My first time there:] They had a lot of rides & games & food & attractions & shopping & farm animals! HAHA. I enjoyed it:] I rode only 2 rides with baby sister b/c marion was acting like a big baby.. Oh yeah i drove on 680 for the first time last night. Haha. Accomplishment to me.
The fair had lots of random people. It was nice to see all these families spoiling their kids for $30 giant stuffed animals. I feel like people would blow over $200 easy in a day. My poor pockets are now minus $70. Booo. But, the funnel cake really was delicious. I wish they sold funnel cakes here, like a little shop or something. Ours had strawberries & whipped cream! Mmmmm:] We also ordered a strawberry lemonade. Total = $13

What's on the menu for today? I want to go shopping:] maybe black&brown or urban outfitters. Who knows? Let's be spontaneous.

Random; Teres taught me how to use this new polaroid app & its pretty nifty & cute. I'm a fan. I miss my family. We don't really gather anymore like we used to :[ Teresa is staying for another week. She made a decision. The weather doesn't feel hot if 20mph winds are blowing.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

That's good for my ego..

"You could be anywhere in the world,
but you're sitting here with me..
That's good for my ego . . ."

Yesterday Night was Teres' first night back so Marion & I took her to see a movie at the Drive-In theater in Sj. What a cute experience. It was not ghetto at all, but maybe because we watched Ice Age @9. & we didn't stay to see more movies later. haha I think that's when all the rowdiness would happen. All in all, I think that everyone should go & experience it NOW! it's hella fun when you're older & can drive:] Oh yeah, IceAge3 is pretty cute. I'm a fan.

I'm not sure if it was Wednesday or Thursday, but Marion & I went to see The Proposal, & it was so cuuuuute! I really really really like that movie:] It's hella funny. Go take your best girlfriends or your significant other & enjoy it.

Today was chill. Kioku Sushi w/ babay. Yummm. He's been the only thing constant in my life. I appreciate him. Then, Walmart so I could run some errands. & then chilled @ ant's house w/ the boys, pam + babyjared. Finally decided to go swimming & then it started to get all windy! Booo. Here's a pic of the beautiful pool from my phone. Swimming for 20 minutes was fun, haha. I'm home now, doing freakin nothing but computer & watching Wizards on deck w/ hannah montana. haha. I recorded it so i could watch it:]

I'm bored.. thanks to my jerk parents. My dad said "do what you think an adult would do" that shit pissed me off to the max. If he wants to start a war, like the middle school days, i really dont care.

"You could be anywhere in the world, but you're sittin here with me.. That's good for my ego.."


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It was the Summertime..

-Today was a good day! Woke up early, went to Newark Ohlone campus w/ babe, breakfast at Mcdonalds, chill, Lunch at Ono's. Water balloon fights w/ the girls + baby jared. Swimming w/ the boys, Pam + babe:]

-I'm very satisfied. I lalalalalove summer. I'm hella enjoying it. Spending time with the people who matter & just relaxing & being able to appreciate the more simple & beautiful things in life. Today sitting under the shade w/ the girls & just relaxing was really refreshing. Then, me & babe went to his house & laid down in the grass on a blanket & it was so nice to just look up at the sky. It's so blue, clear & beautiful. Hands down, that was my favorite part of the day..

-Maybe tomorrow I'll head over to csueb & pick up the packet that lists classes which I can take this semester. I'm curious..

-Mama$ just made me spam fried rice, Yum! I'm so glad that I can eat real food now. No more worrying about wisdom teeth & pain.

-Marion & I are celebrating our 15 months anniversary tomorrow:] I'm veryyy veryyy happpy. I love him. No doubt about it. As i always say, "break up never, they just jealous" We're doing so good & I love being at this all time high. Haha, we matched NOT on purpose in our picture up there.. what a coincidence, or fate:]

-This is enough. have a good night. I know I will:]


Monday, July 13, 2009

Cool it now.

The small getaway at santa rosa this weekend was very relaxing. Exactly what I needed. I missed my dad's side & I haven't seen everyone in a while, probably since Thanksgiving. What a refreshing town..

Back in Union City, & I'm already irritated tonight. Things never change.

On the good side, I spent the day with Pam. Quality Girl Time. We ate Pho w/ baby jared & she got a haircut & then we just posted it up.

I'm an only child til Friday. Teres is spending time in Sacramento. I like it, hahaha.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Know your roots..

i put a lot of trust in you. i didn't think you would do that. I never went out & told your business, ever. thanks a lot. Out Of All People.

This weekend will be busy, I'm glad. Filled with people i WANT to be around. Saturday, Sacramento w/ babe's fam. Sunday, Santa Rosa w/ babysister & my papa's side of the fam for a reunion.

Hopefully, I get to upgrade my phone on Saturday.. cross ya fingers. Tres hella wants the Xenon & I want the impression, or the 3gs.

By the way, its squashed.


Thursday, July 2, 2009


I got my wisdom teeth pulled out. Let me say I'm so glad it's one of those experiences which you only have to go through once in a lifetime. The last 4 days my diet has consisted of soup, mashed potatoes, ice cream & pudding. & i've lost 8 pounds. woooh! My cheeks are slowly starting to get smaller. Marion & Teresa are still embarrassed to take me out in public. haha. Sometimes i feel normal. On the side note, I go back to work on Saturday. It sucks that I have work on 4th of July. At night, Marion's fam will have hella fireworks cus its his Mama's 50th bday! Yay.

-I want to watch Coraline.
-My mama bought a new car today.
-I still can't chew food.
-Today was my first day outta the house.
-Excited to register for my classes at eastbay.
-I'm hella craving for chineese food.
-3gs this summer!
-I have my own boxes of sparklers, cus they're my favorite.
-I'm gonna make hella spam masubi's tomorrow for 4th of july.

I am a firm believer in karma. I don't hope, pray or wish... I KNOW that you will get what's coming for you. I think that the worse pain one can feel is not that of physical pain, but pain caused emotionally & spiritually. Pain that is caused by something that directly effects you. Pain that you have no control over, so you are helpless & weak. Suffer bitch.