Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Do Over" - Ghostface Killahhh

College homework is taking over & I haven't even had time to blog. blahhhhh.

-I feel very accomplished for finishing my advertisement essay on cigars
-I'm really proud of Gelene for playing in her first game today:]
-Tomorrow is "Al Fresco" @school & my assignment is to go & i have to checck in with my teacher.. ehh..
- Last weekend was fun.
-What's good for this weekend? I wanna watch Paranormal Activity!!

BY THE WAY; MY BESTFRIEND IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD'S BIRTHDAY IS AT MIDNIGHT. i loveeeeeee you Amandaaa Marieee Aguilarrrrr! Now you's a big "adult".. haha but you still small. I love you so much & now you gonna go to clubs & shit wit ya bad self;] I miss you & I'm going to your birthday festivities.


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