Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I feeling very creative now a days.. I want to clear my room & paint my 2 walls which are still white.. They should be lavender. Haha. I really really really want to paint my other two walls. Hm, or maybe I'll just clean my car tomorrow. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I want to be more SPONTANEOUS.

I spent today relaxing with Marion. I dropped off Teres dummy early at Logan. Then after going back to sleep, we got some starbucks. Then, we super super cleaned his car. Next on the agenda was running errands. After, Marion's fam had a little bbq & it was cute & yummy:]

I really need to start going to the gym again. Or maybe just walking/running around the creek. Hawaii is coming up!!

This weekend is going to bring a lot of fun:] Friday is the all day/night bbq. Saturday is Lolo Toto's 85th birthday party. & Sunday I'm trying to drive down to Santa Rosa & see me grandparents. I want to spend the day there tanning & swimming. I really like it there. It's a cute little getaway.

Everyone should try the Quizno's Torpedo!!! They're so good. I love how skinny they are & they're broken into 2. One makes me full, but i like that I'll have more for later:] For only $4, everyone should treat themselves. I like the one with Bacon, or the Turkey Pesto!


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