Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Once again,

-- "Why do you try & impress the world? You suck up to everyone & they mamas. You try & be on everyone's good side & be everyone's friends. It's so annoying how you pry yourself into other's lives. You dont even know them bro. Just stop. It's irritating & weird. People are getting weirded out... teacher's pet."

---"Why do you always lie & twist the truth. You are attracted to drama & like to see how much of a reaction you can get out of others. I think you lie to others, to try & fool your self. It aint gonna work, girl open your eyes."

College is cooo. i really like my schedule. College Math, College English, GS Activity, Library, & Envnt Science.
M: 2-3:50
T: 8-1:50
W: 2-3:50
Th: 8-11:50


Sunday, September 27, 2009


I really really really like college. My classses are coo & the campus is chill. Some bitches still needa grow up & realize this shit aint high school anymore. Other than that, college>high school.

Today; Babe & I went to study at Suju's. I hella like it there.. it's so chill! That's gonna become one of my regular spots now:] Haha, then i ate sushi w/ my mama, sissa & babe:] Mmmm. Tell me why we eat sushi once a week! Haha. I went shopping w/ mama & sissa & later posted it w/ baaabe. Now I'm home waiting for ALL NEW Desperate Housewives & k&k take miami!!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

see you latah summmah..

today was my last day of summer. spent my day w/ booyfriend. We helped phil fix his car, then kicked it for a while & swooped D1. I went home & my babygirl Icky came over:] We caught up & gossiped:] I laaaaahv her! I took her to Kaahbeyyo for a while & talked w/ Nick, Dylan & babe<3. She left, we got taco bell.. then dipped to sportscenter. Met up w/ Icky & Mariz! It was cutesy playing on the same team w/ Mariz. Hella like Freshman year again:] Babe made me leave early cus he was being a moody ass.. & now I'm home. First day of college tomorrow! I ain't even gonna lie, I'm nervous!! haha. Math1001 tomorrow; 2-3:50. I feel bad for people in remedial.. they have to pay for college & take a class that doesn't give credit.. Boo! Glad I did good on my placement tests:] I'm tired. Gooodnight.

TO YOU: I know what you said about me, what you THINK I like to do, what you called me & did I mention that I KNOW EVERYTHING.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fun & Games..

10 things you wish you could say to 10 different people right now.
1 - You're my bestfriend, boyfriend & everything. I'm in love w/ you & I appreciate you:] Yous a keeper. No matter what, I'm happy w/ you. I'd rather be around you than away. You're the only person who can cheer me up, & make me smile no matter what.
2 - I'll never forget what you did & how you put me into your business & your god damn drama. Keep my name out yo mouth & ignore the whole situation. Don't fuckin drag me in your bs. You're the only person whose to blame, don't put that on anyone else.
3 - Dontchu know you got a fat ass cameltoe girl?!? Look in a maaafkn mirrror! Everyone talks about it..
4 - I wish we were super tight like back in the day. You was one of my best. We were hella alike & I know that we both had good goals & ambitions. If anything, I'm still gonna have your back.
5 - I feel sorry for you. You wanna be in love so bad that you take your focus off your priorities. Get yo head straight & stop lying. Your not fooling anyone.
6 - You're a really big jerk. Stop picking on people & gettin on them cus it makes you forget your life is just as fucked up as the rest.
7 - Stand up for yourself, you're the biggest baby I know. You make the biggest scene & the way you act just attracts people to pick on you.
8 - I hella look up to you, I wish we had more time to kick it. I miss the good old days & how we were super super tight.
9 - You're the biggest bitch I know. real talk, i've never done anything to you. i hate you & one day you'll be all alone forever. Your boyfriend lies to you all the time. Even yo family doesn't like you. You an ugly ass witch & you need to get the fuck over yourself. I'll beat your ass anytime, if it wasn't so complicated & then your rude, ignorant, bitchass would be dead. DEAD.
10 - You like to brag A LOT. No one gives a fuck about yo fat ass. You think you on top now, I hope you hit rock bottom when you grow up.

9 things people may not know about you
1 - I'm a second degree blackbelt.
2- I've never jumped into a pool
3- my toes bend all the way backwards
4- i love fake nails
5- Aj is really my older cousin, not my sister, hahaha
6- I'm half German
7- my favorite food is sushi, i eat it once a week
8- i sleep w/ 7 pillows
9- my favorite ice cream is jamoca almond fudge from baskin & robbins

8 ways to win my heart
1 - make me laugh anytime of the day
2 - call me when you wake up to say good morning:]
3 - eat sushi w/ me
4 - have goals & ambitions.
5 - give me a massage:]
6 - be genuinely good to my family
7 - be protective & not controlling
8 - ... & ya name gotta be Marion Quiros<3

7 things that cross your mind a lot
1 - What my kids will be like
2 - how my wedding will look
3 - why does it take so long to loose weight
4 - i really need to buy new blush
5 - i really want a northface backpack
6 - i wish all my cousins were back home & we hung out more
7 - money, money, money

6 things you do before you fall asleep
1 - brush my teeeth
2 - pee pee
3 - wash my face
4 - watch tv
5 - check twitter. haha
6 - phone w/ baaaaby

5 things you notice in the opposite sex
1 - smile
2 - shoes
3 - eyes
4 - style
5 - if he's too cocky or into himself

4 things you wish you never did
1 - leave my blog on the home comp so my parents read it in 6th grade, haha
2 - sped down regents & got a ticket
3 - told her wassup, now I know its TMI for her to handle
4 - waste time w/ a self-centered, cocky loser

3 songs to describe your life
1 - "this is how we do it"
2 - "teach me"
3 - there's hella songs,

2 things you want to do before you die
1 - have kids, grandkids & great grand kids. HAHA
2 - go to Australia

1 Confession…
1 - the smell of belly button is interesting.. sour & sweet. HAHAHA.

I'm going shopping at Gilroy outlets now. Yayyyy. I still want a Northface backpack still. Excited to watch the fight tonight & then head out to the bonfire. Oh yeah, last night sucked. daly city was a failure. but ate evonthe's & kuya rg's house was crackkkin:] all of them are like older cousins. I like how they baby'ed us & gave us hella attention:] BYE.


Friday, September 18, 2009

return of the maccc

Whaaaaats gooood Fridaaaay;]

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


1 year & 5 months;]


Happy Anniversary to Marion & me:]

1 year & 5 months.

Monday, September 14, 2009


"Don’t keep a man guessing too long, he’s sure to find the answer somewhere else" --Mae West.


i loved playing volleyball today at ams.. good workout:] Babe & I are going on a diet. Losing weight, here we come! Haha.

but ya know what i love even more...

season premiere's are tonight


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just lettin ya know..

Last night was fun. Did this & that, went here & there.. Haha. But, i ended up seeing homegirls Tina & Kittty. Then spent a good portion of my night w/ babygirls Icky & Hailey. Too bad my BESTfriends Amanda & Murr couldn't come out:[ Basically, i had a greeeaaat night. Sipppin & soakin. Then went home w/ babe & went to sleep:] I love sleeping when he's right by my side.

Today woke up late & ate. Then dipped to Big sissa Aj's house & showered. Talked, got ready & went home. Changed clothes. Went to Marion's, then bbq @ Ponderosa w/ all the boys. Successful ass bbq i must say. For dinner we went to Milpitas for Tommy's bday. Good ass foood:] Yum! Went back to uc & chilled @babe's house for a bit. Then went home. I HATE driving in the rain. Blahhhh.

Currently, i'm waiting for the Vma's to start now cus At&t u-verse is on normal time & isn't 3 hours ahead.. All new K&K tonight @10. yeee!

-Tomorrow, pay my tuition @ eastbay, finally. Haha..
-Lunch on tuesday w/ my best murr:] & Baby sissa's vball game.

"You are NOT special. What makes you think you gon change the game. You aint nothin in his world.. I really wanna let you know, but I can't. I gotta let you make your own mistakes & your own decisions. I really hope you learn soon because you ARE being played, no doubt about it. Please, just open your eyes & realize what you let go. I just want you to understand before its too late & you get another heartbreak..."


Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm really lazy to blog right now so here's the basics..
-woke up early & dropped sissa off @logan
-babe made me breakfast
-we went to ohlone to buy his parking permit & get some books
-dipped to eastbay & i got my parking permit, couldnt pay for my tuition cus they only accept cash or check. Boo. I only brought my card.
-took a nap while babe went to school
-swooped D1, dipped to Logan & watched Teresa's vball game. Got a lil heated.. She got zero errors though. Hollla. coach betta mafkn recognize.
-home waiting to watch my thursday night shows:]

Whasss goood for tomorrow night?

Saturdayyyy: bbq? swimming? walnut creek? who knows..

♥yours truly.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today was very eventful:] After dropping off baby sissa at Logan babe came over & we went out to buy mcdonald's for breakfast. We napped & then vacuumed. After we baked cupcakes & killed a cat. Yup, you read right. We captured & then we killed a cat. Haha. That's what it freakin gets for living in our backyard & bringing fleas to our home. Then we washed marion's car. All of this was done before 12. We stayed being bizzzay! once he dipped to school I showered & got ready for Teresa's first volleyball game. Mama came home early & we all drove to Logan to watch the game.

WEAKKKKK. I have hella shit to say to that so called "coach". Playas better recognize they aint all that & they just being placed on the court cus there is no one else who can play. YOU AINT EVEN GOT TALENT. You just fillin in spots for now. Hahaha. & Teresa was doing hella good esp in hitting lines & when she got that one block of the night. Yeee. But, whatevaaah. They still won; JV & Var. Watching today's game made me miss volleyball. We was a really good team w/ a hella good ass record. I miss all those girls:]

Tomorrow is going to be another evventful day. After taking baby sisssa to school, I'm about to tag along w/ babe to Ohlone for an hour. Help him buy books & alla that shit. Then, we about to head out to Valleyfair to get the hookup from Pam:] Thanks homegirl:] Marion wants to upgrade his phone & get the Samsung Jack. Finally, he's gettin a new phone. This week has been nothing but successful:]


Monday, September 7, 2009


Thanks big sissa for putting makeup on me & older cuzzo for teasing my hair. Haha. All for fun.

Today was a wonderful day shopping @ Sj. Black&Brown, SantanaRow, & Valleyfair was a success. Thanks for driving me babe. I'm too tired to blog.. Goodnight!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lion King..

This is the Best Lion King Roll I've ever tasted. The perfect combination of sweet & spicy. Everyone should go here to Ichiro's in Fremont. Yummmm!

I'm waiting at home right now watching Re-run's of Degrassi. haha. Babe is at school & I'm hella bored waiting for him to get off, because he took my car.. blahhh. I've been vaccuming my house every day & doing laundry like the good daughter I am:] I also take the little girlies to Logan everyday & pick them up after practice. I miss volleyball so much. I wish we could rewind back to last season..

Yesterday, I went to the mall w/ Babe, Darrel & Rolo. I returned my jeans & got $32 back. Yeee! Then, we met up w/ Sheeena & it was cute talking w/ her for a while. All of us got hungry & i was craving for some Costco hotdogs! Babe, me & Darrel headed out to Costco & we snuck in.. HAHA. hotdogs & pizza were on point. The boys are super fat & made 2 rounds of the free samples. Our favorites were the cheese, beef franks, & the pie. Later on, I watched the end of Teres' vball practice & gossiped w/ Gelenee my babygirl.

Then @ night I kicked it with Kitty for a bit. I missed her so much:] I'm so glad she's back! Haha, if you read this, you better hit me up this weekend! We talked about this & that, gossiped, girl talked.. After postin it up at Kuhbayyo, I went home & ate KFC w/ my fam. Watched 3 hours of SVU & then went to sleep.

♥yours truly.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


These cupcakes look hellla delicious. MMMM:] I'm in the mood to be bake right now. Maybe tomorrow afternoon while Babe goes to school. Cupcakes, brownies, cake?

I am in need of a new wallet.. shopping this weekend i hope. I hope my mama gives me money & then i will head out to Valleyfair. While I'm there I'll make a special stop at Black & Brown & check if there are any hidden treasures.. I hope so.

Today was Sister's first day of high school. Haha. Little ones growin up so fassst.

Watching SVU is very entertaining. Haha, while eating cantaloupe.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Marry Me..

I realllly like this. Where you at Marion?!? Haha. Hop on it:] jk.

bored, i am.

How Pretty.