Sunday, August 30, 2009

Unspoken Feelings.

Today is Marion's official last day of Summer:[ Booo. I still have until Sep23rd! Yeee.

I like copying my big sisssa Aj. haha. I asked my mama to cut the sleeves of this old jean jacket that i used to wear in 3rd grade. It's cute. hahaha thanks for the idea. I'm your #1 fan:]

Dear Diary,

To: Some I may love, some I admire, some I am dissapointed in, some I can't stand, some I miss, some I can't live without, & some I can do without...

-Why do you say one thing & then turn back on your words? You say this, but you do that. Just dont except that i'lll always be there.. Sooner or later i'll get tired & you'll never be let back in.. look at your words, thoughts, & especially your actions.. ESP your actions. What you do now, is directly effecting your future. & you really should be worrying about that.

-Stop going back on what you say. If its too much work to be "in love" then its not LOVE. it's not even worth it. Love shouldn't be something that you struggle with on the daily basis. Of course there will be small bumps along the way, but love should be a steady path which allows 2 people to slowly grow & understand each other. Love makes 2 people turn into better individuals, it should NEVER make the worst come out in them. Just remember that. Sacrifices should be made on both parts & if you can't take a moment to open your eyes to your partner's perspective, then that's your biggest problem. There is always, always, always 2 sides to one story.

-I miss you so much. You're really one of a kind. Thanks for always keeping in touch. You're are a really good friend. Tonight was just a reminder of why we became friends in the first place.

-I admire you dearly. You have true passion & kindness. You strive hard for what you want to achieve in life & you do it with such poise. I really do look up to you & I want to grow up to be like you:] I've always looked up to you & I appreciate you. You're kind & do things not to better your life, but also to help others.

-I can always count on you. Thanks through thick & thin. Through bickering & laughing, I still got yo back lil one. Don't forget I'm always watching you.

-This one is pretty obvious; I love you with all my heart. You're my best friend & my better half. You make me a better person & you bring out the best in me. I can see myself without you, but it would be a dark, gloomy & lost world. Thank you for always taking care of me & being there for me all the time. Day & night, I can always count on you. I am truly in love with you & I love every moment we spend together. <3


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