Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It was the Summertime..

-Today was a good day! Woke up early, went to Newark Ohlone campus w/ babe, breakfast at Mcdonalds, chill, Lunch at Ono's. Water balloon fights w/ the girls + baby jared. Swimming w/ the boys, Pam + babe:]

-I'm very satisfied. I lalalalalove summer. I'm hella enjoying it. Spending time with the people who matter & just relaxing & being able to appreciate the more simple & beautiful things in life. Today sitting under the shade w/ the girls & just relaxing was really refreshing. Then, me & babe went to his house & laid down in the grass on a blanket & it was so nice to just look up at the sky. It's so blue, clear & beautiful. Hands down, that was my favorite part of the day..

-Maybe tomorrow I'll head over to csueb & pick up the packet that lists classes which I can take this semester. I'm curious..

-Mama$ just made me spam fried rice, Yum! I'm so glad that I can eat real food now. No more worrying about wisdom teeth & pain.

-Marion & I are celebrating our 15 months anniversary tomorrow:] I'm veryyy veryyy happpy. I love him. No doubt about it. As i always say, "break up never, they just jealous" We're doing so good & I love being at this all time high. Haha, we matched NOT on purpose in our picture up there.. what a coincidence, or fate:]

-This is enough. have a good night. I know I will:]


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