Saturday, April 25, 2009

"This is the last call.."

26 more school days for me & then I'm out. No more high school. Honestly, I wouldn't care if it all ended tomorrow. Started out og Pioneer Eagles, to Chavez Hawks, Moreau mariners & Logan Colts. Right now I'm focusing on finishing school, spending time with family & having the best relationship w/ babe. Everything else will come on its own..

0426- Lunch Party at Isa's.
0428/29- Star Testing.
0502- Jr. Prom/ boxing fight/ east bay placement test.
0503- Marion's parents go to PI.
0510- Mothers Day.
0513- Put extensions in Murrbutt's hair.
0515- Anniversary; 1year&1month.
0522- Gabby's Graduation.
0523- Sr Ball.
0523- No School.
0530- Sister's Bday.
0604- Grad Night.
0608- Senior Checkout.
0609- Senior Picnic.
0612- Senior Breakfast.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Double Cuff Love, You the One I Lean on..

Wednesday is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY w/ Marion:]
break up never, they just jealous.

Me & babe spent our first Easter together. Once Wednesday comes, we'll be doing everything for the second time around. Like, our second 4/20 & our second halloween. HAHA. My spring break's been cooo.
--Gym w/ my papa. --newpark w/ teresa & bought babe a present. --ohlone newark campus to bring babe lunch:] --newpark mall again w/ amanda for an interview. haha it was pretty fun i must say. --babe's house & then home.
Tomorrow, im planning on gettin TuttiMelon w/ my bestfriends, murrbutt & amanda. Even though its hella sour, ill still go with them. Then probably get my nails done & go dress shopping. FA SHO.

EASTER; was at my house this year. Hella Fun. Stopped by Auntie Gertrude's for a bit & watched the little kiddies do the easter egg hunt. Marion & I hid the eggs. We're pros! Headed back to my house & played 13 & ate all night.

KARMA REALLY IS A BITCH; (the short version)
Teresa, Marion & I are going to safeway to pick up ice around 12 on Easter Sunday & the parking lot is HELLA packed. I'm driving up & down the isles trying to find a parking spot. Someone is finally leaving in the very front so I turn on my signaler & I'm waiting there for 3 minutes. Once the car backs out, some white mid 50's lady swoops in & takes it. I honk for hellla days & pull up right next to her yelling & all that shit. & she has the nerve to smirk at me & tell me two minutes. WTFFF? She shoulda just backed out & said sorry or something.. So i tell that beezy to watch her car & see what happens. She walks in the door w/ her 10 year old daughter & then walks back out & decides to move her car. HAHAHA. bitchhhhhh. She got scared thinking ill do something. BUT, i already parked in the back. Whatever. So, after we buy ice, we walk to the back of the lot & when we're leaving the white lady just walks out. We pull out & the light is red. The white lady pulls up in the lane next to us to turn right as we are in the lane to go straight. Im muggin her & all that & my little sister flips off the girl in the passenger seat & the girl knudges her mama to look at us & when the mom looks, SHE REAR-ENDS THE CAR INFRONT OF HER HELLA HARD. I got to see the whole thing happened right infront of me. Yeah, Karma is a bitch. She shoulda acted civil, esp on Easter Sunday!

& that is all. GNight.

♥Sincerely Fuckin Yours.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ya ass & them hips.. Those eyes & them lips.

last one of my high school career..

Happy Easter. Partyyy at my house today! Hayy. Then Easter egg hunting at Auntie Gertrude's w/ babay. I've been tryna search for my Sr. Ball Dress, but I hella can't find a short one that I want. I have a picture of something I want, but I can't find it on the website. Boo:/ So Yesterday Marion took me to --Stanford Mall & we bought Sprinkles Cupcakes:] Mmmm. But, no dress.. Then we headed out to --Valleyfair. After searching for a sushi place to eat at, we ended up eating Korean. It was pretty goood. We didn't get to stop at Great Mall on the way home. But, this week I'll go look.

This last week at school went by hella fassst. Im happpy w/ my 3.86 for 3rd quarter. I'm glad that I work hard & can balance school & play. When college comes it will only get better.

♥Yours Truly.

Monday, April 6, 2009

& baby when it's love, if it's not rough it isn't fun..

Today marks the start of mine & Marion's new workout plan. Marion = the Rock. Me = fit. HAHAHA. So we ran 1.5 miles & cycled for 20 minutes. Then we lifted weights:] Yeahhh, we're gonna get fit! I wanna be darker & more fit for Prom! We also baked cupcakes;]

I can't find my Ecology book, so if you know where I put it... or if you know where it is tell me.

Gossip Girl isn't new tonight. How freakin gay!

4 more days til Spring Break.
9 days til my One Year Anniversary w/ Babayy.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Heartbeat with a high demand..

Today was the perfect day:] I woke up early & ate breakfast with Marion. After showering, & making him wait while I get ready we head out to sf & take a little longer than expected. Haha. Someone doesn't know how to ride Bart. --SF; We ate lunch at Blondie's & it was babe's first time;] After shopping my heart out & searching for the perfect senior ball dress I came home dress-less. Boo. But, I did have hella fun eating Gelatto. & Marion & I have created a new deal with when I want to go shopping. Haha. I get what I want, & he sure does get what he wants. HAHAHA;] --Liquor store, & saw Pamela/Roland. --Home & long nap. Then, we ate singanggg & spent more time at his house. Next weekend will be more sucsessful. Vallyfair is the next stop!

Friday was the powderpuff game/rally. Coo, i guess. Rolled deep to the game w/ Babe's friends. Met up w/ babygirl Murrbutt. & sadly, didn't get to sit with Chani the choad. Watched my girls Brit&Pcess smash on the juniors. Left early & headed out to Wingstop. Hella delicious. Lemon Pepper & Garlic Parmesean all day. Haha, why some girl say she was scared cus all of Marion's homies. HAHAHA. --Rolled to Cabello & then home.

Basically, school is almost over. It's a week into my last quarter of high school & it's going by so fasssst. But, I don't mind. I'm glad to say I wanna get out & get to the finer things. Once I graduate, life can only get better:]

0410- Roadtrip to San Diego?!?
0411- Dress Shopping Part II; Valleyfair.
0412- Easter Sunday.
0413- First Day of Spring Break.
0418- Csueb thang.

& that's all I can think of.
Gnight. I love Marion delRosario Quiros, always.

♥Sincerely Fuckin Yours..