Tuesday, September 22, 2009

see you latah summmah..

today was my last day of summer. spent my day w/ booyfriend. We helped phil fix his car, then kicked it for a while & swooped D1. I went home & my babygirl Icky came over:] We caught up & gossiped:] I laaaaahv her! I took her to Kaahbeyyo for a while & talked w/ Nick, Dylan & babe<3. She left, we got taco bell.. then dipped to sportscenter. Met up w/ Icky & Mariz! It was cutesy playing on the same team w/ Mariz. Hella like Freshman year again:] Babe made me leave early cus he was being a moody ass.. & now I'm home. First day of college tomorrow! I ain't even gonna lie, I'm nervous!! haha. Math1001 tomorrow; 2-3:50. I feel bad for people in remedial.. they have to pay for college & take a class that doesn't give credit.. Boo! Glad I did good on my placement tests:] I'm tired. Gooodnight.

TO YOU: I know what you said about me, what you THINK I like to do, what you called me & did I mention that I KNOW EVERYTHING.


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