Saturday, April 4, 2009

Heartbeat with a high demand..

Today was the perfect day:] I woke up early & ate breakfast with Marion. After showering, & making him wait while I get ready we head out to sf & take a little longer than expected. Haha. Someone doesn't know how to ride Bart. --SF; We ate lunch at Blondie's & it was babe's first time;] After shopping my heart out & searching for the perfect senior ball dress I came home dress-less. Boo. But, I did have hella fun eating Gelatto. & Marion & I have created a new deal with when I want to go shopping. Haha. I get what I want, & he sure does get what he wants. HAHAHA;] --Liquor store, & saw Pamela/Roland. --Home & long nap. Then, we ate singanggg & spent more time at his house. Next weekend will be more sucsessful. Vallyfair is the next stop!

Friday was the powderpuff game/rally. Coo, i guess. Rolled deep to the game w/ Babe's friends. Met up w/ babygirl Murrbutt. & sadly, didn't get to sit with Chani the choad. Watched my girls Brit&Pcess smash on the juniors. Left early & headed out to Wingstop. Hella delicious. Lemon Pepper & Garlic Parmesean all day. Haha, why some girl say she was scared cus all of Marion's homies. HAHAHA. --Rolled to Cabello & then home.

Basically, school is almost over. It's a week into my last quarter of high school & it's going by so fasssst. But, I don't mind. I'm glad to say I wanna get out & get to the finer things. Once I graduate, life can only get better:]

0410- Roadtrip to San Diego?!?
0411- Dress Shopping Part II; Valleyfair.
0412- Easter Sunday.
0413- First Day of Spring Break.
0418- Csueb thang.

& that's all I can think of.
Gnight. I love Marion delRosario Quiros, always.

♥Sincerely Fuckin Yours..

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